Saturday, April 11, 2009

CHAPTER 1: Home at Last

One day on Nine Ville Ave. two sisters named Lucy and Ella got home from school never suspecting they would soon reach a world beyond their own.

“Mom, we’re home!” said Lucy walking in the house with Ella at her side.

“Yeah, can we go down stairs and look for my basketball!?” said Ella.

“Sure,” said Mom “but be up for dinner!”

“K Mom,” said Lucy sounding as if she couldn’t care less.

And the two girls trotted down the stairs to the basement.


  1. Wow, and I really mean WOW! The page layout looks so beautiful with the dazzling fairy with the little "viny" things around the periphery(outside edge)of the page.

    I am looking forward to more chapters on the happenings at Nine Ville Ave.

    Good job. Love you

  2. How did you get the awesome drawing on the page?! You will have to teach me, so we can do something like it in class for our blog!!!

    Mr. S