Thursday, April 9, 2009

CHAPTER 3: Nadeedeea

What looked like an empty room was a whole new world of dragons, fairies, imps, talking trees and more.

Lucy looked up and now Ella was ON a unicorn.

“Would you by any chance, talk?” lucy asked the unicorn.

“LUCY!” said Ella as Lucy gave her a disappointed look.

“Why yes I do,” said the unicorn.

“Then can you tell us where we are?” asked Ella.

“Well this land is Nadeedeea,” said the unicorn looking confused. “And I’m Tiger. But that doesn’t matter. The evil Montria is taking over the dragons! And the only way to save them is to befriend them."

Ella and Lucy looked at each other in fright.


  1. Hi Makayla! I am still looking forward to reaing your next installment.

    Did you know that Unicorns were your Mom's favoite when she was a little girl? You should get together with your Mom and discuss possible unicorn adventures!

  2. Hi again.m Check your spelling! As you can see, I spelled "favorite" wrong!!! My bad, I guess.